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My Kind of Monday

Friday; August 31, 2007 9:02 AM

So here is my question — what’s with these conference call centers where you have to talk to a person to “login” to the call.  “Hi, what is your conference call number?  How do you spell your first and last name?” Why is there a person involved in this?  Why can’t you type your conference ID?  How much does that person make a day?  Do they make more than me? What do they do all day when people aren’t logining into their call?

Why would a firm choose to use a staffed conference center?  Wouldn’t it be about a million times more expensive than an un-staffed conference center?

Man, what a freakin’ waste. If I had that job, I’d smoke more pot than a freaking baggage handler.

Conference Call in an Empty Apartment

Greg in an Empty Apartment

Four calls today! It’s like Christmas-Come-Early

First call was at 11:00am — I am moving out of my apartment today, and have a lot going on.  I wound up being late to get here, so I started to call in the car, then came here.  The call lasted so long (90 minutes when I begged to get off) that I actually went out and ate lunch during the call.

Second call at 12:30pm, with my new favorite producer, who got me off the call at 12:34.  She is a freakin’ ROCK STAR who should be PRAISED and REVERED and, most of all, EMULATED.

Third call at 1pm.  It had to start late because someone needed to get a cup of coffee.  OK, let’s wait!

Fourth call may be at 3pm.  No one knows if it’s on.  So I guess I may or may not be waiting for a call.

8/9/07 12:47pm

Action Shot!This is GREAT! I’m actually on site loading in a show, and we’re doing a call as we’re loading it in. More to follow.

Friday; August 3, 2007 11:03 AM

Morning Call!

11:28 AM  it’s over!  Shortest call ever!

Today at 11:00am.    Man, I am swimming in the sea of hypocrisy .

5:39pm — 9 minutes late and we’re all in “music hold”.  Where is this person who said “When I’m on hold, I’d like MUSIC!  Crappy Crappy Music!”.

Conference call etiquette

Surfing around I found a guy who had some stuff to say. Which more than I can say for the people on this call. Conference call etiquette – 14 (+1) tip

Conference Call Wednesday; July 25, 2007 6:26 PM

Oh this is going to be a good one.

11 minutes late starting.

It’s originating on the west coast, so I’m sitting here in the evening letting my daughter watch TV while daddy “works.” I guess I could watch TV. And my daughter could sit on the call.

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