I Hate Conference Calls

You hate them? I hate them more.

Could it be? It’s my first call from a Starbucks!

photo-116.jpgI can’t believe it, but even in my nomadic office life, I’m now doing a call from a Starbucks. I would like to note a few things…

  • It is so freakin loud in here I can’t hear a thing. I wonder if that really matters?
  • I have a noise canceling headset so people can hear me, so I feel I’m at a major disadvantage.

I think this is one of those calls when they are looking for a victim. I feel, because we’re all on a call, we are indeed victims, all of us. We all suffer. We all bleed. Search for victim is over.


  • Maureen says:

    If someone tries to sit down next to you at Starbuck’s, I’m sure you’re wise enough to conceal your little bluetooth thing with your hand. This way – if you ARE forced to speak – it will appear as if you’re talking to yourself and the people at Starbuck’s will just steer clear, thinking you’re crazy.

  • Ruben says:

    Ah, the great blamestorming call, or corporate hot-potato.

    In these situations I find it best to be the last to speak first (beyond the, “hi… can everyone hear me… hi…). That way everyone else has shown their hand.

    I bet the real problem was the skimping on the catering.

  • Sister says:

    Maybe if you try washing dishes at the same time as being on a conference call you’ll be happier and want to prolong the call!

  • Adam says:

    I love you just a little, Greg.

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