I Hate Conference Calls

You hate them? I hate them more.

The waiting is the hardest part…

I have a call that begins in 3 minutes.  The thing is that I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do (don’t we all!), none of which will take less than three minutes.  So I’m returning  to my long-neglected blog to see if can’t write some stuff.

This call is for a project that we’ve been working all far too long, and I’ve received a bunch of email leading up to the call (here are the materials you’ll NEED on the call.  They’ll take a LONG time to download.  Do it NOW.).  I’ve reviewed the materials, only because it’s a new client.  I often find it most fun to not review anything and not really have anything together when the call starts.  Then, if the call actually pertains to me, and something on which I am meant to know, I get the thrill of being totally and completely unprepared.  Then get to jump on my email and panic as I try to find whatever people are asking about.

A great thing about the whole world being on the “cloud” is that it’s possible to have nothing on your computer at the start of the call, PANIC, and then begin downloading power point presentations, excel files, etc., and then 3 minutes into the call have more stuff on your machine that you thought you’d ever need.

Call has started.  The problem is now is that people can’t agree who should be on the call, and if we can start without the key players.  Then long term argument about why the key players were not informed of the call, and then a longer debate on if indeed the key players are key.

Very complicated.

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