I Hate Conference Calls

You hate them? I hate them more.

Conference Call Action Shots Monday; July 23, 2007

Greg on a call from his father’s house

Here’s a great action shot. The most exciting thing today is I’m on vacation and I get to be on a conference shot.

In this picture I have new glasses. I don’t think I’ll mention that in the call. And I’m at my father’s house, so in the background are pictures of me and my sister as children. I’m surrounded by my youth at the very moment when I am growing exponentially older by being stuck on a call.

Primary complains about this call:

  1. I have no mute button, so I’ve got to keep it down.
  2. People keep talking to me, so I have to pay attention.
  3. I can’t think of anything else to complain about. But give me time.


  • Duke says:

    You sure have a hard life.

  • Duke says:

    Nice glasses. Kind of the Metrosexual look.

  • Duke says:

    Come to think of it, you SAY you hate conference calls, but can a fish hate the water it swims in?
    Here’s a little haiku for you

    when the call goes on
    I wait patiently
    but nothing happens
    does time really pass?

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